“At Braveson we are specialized to security testing and consulting services. We are providing services varying from penetration testing to software security audits. We can also produce objective security reviews and testing for all kinds of software and systems.”

Technical Security

We carry out professional and comprehensive information systems penetration testing, where we aim to simulate attacks and intrusions into information systems. This helps identify potential vulnerabilities and security weaknesses so that we can help you better protect your data.

Security Management

We assist our clients in the development of data security management and data security management systems (such as ISO 27001).

Our ISO 27001 GAP analysis service provides a comprehensive review of your organisation’s current security posture and its compliance with ISO 27001 requirements. This service will help you identify any gaps (GAPs) between your current security policy and processes and provide recommendations and actions required to meet the standard.

Security Architecture

We offer an expert and comprehensive service in designing and developing an information security architecture that will help your business achieve a high level of information security and meet industry requirements.

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