Technical security refers to the protection of information systems and technology in general against various risks. Risks and threats include, for example, malware used to create data breaches with the intention of stealing or rendering unusable data.

Penetration testing of systems

We carry out professional and comprehensive information systems penetration testing, where we simulate attacks and intrusions into information systems. This helps identify potential vulnerabilities and security weaknesses so that we can help you better protect your data.

The target of a penetration test is usually:

  • The company’s internal network
  • The company’s external network
  • A single system or an entity

Systems auditing and verification

We carry out in-depth system audits and assessments to give you a clear picture of your security situation.

This will help you identify and remediate any areas of risk and comply with industry best practices.

Analysis of the attack surface area

Our attack surface mapping and OSINT service provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to strengthen the security of your organisation. This service helps to identify and analyse potential security threats and attack surfaces that a company or organisation may face.

The attack surface mapping covers a wide range of technical and non-technical aspects, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your security posture and the actions required.

Cloud Security

Our Cloud Security Assessment service provides a thorough and comprehensive review of the cloud services your organisation uses. This service will help you identify and assess potential security threats and risks in your cloud computing environment, and provide recommendations and measures to improve security. The Cloud Security Assessment will help ensure that your cloud services are used safely and reliably.

Vulnerability analysis

Our vulnerability scanning service provides an efficient and comprehensive way to identify security vulnerabilities in your organisation’s networks, systems and applications. This service helps you proactively detect and address potential security risks before they can lead to data leaks or malicious attacks.

Vulnerability scanning helps you improve security, minimise risk and ensure the integrity of your information systems. To deliver this service, we use the market leader in vulnerability scanning software.


Gathering and analysing open source information on your organisation’s reputation, staff, information systems and potential threats.

In-depth research on social media, forums and websites to identify potential security threats and risks.

VSaaS ( Vulnerability Scanning as a Service)

Our continuous vulnerability scanning service provides continuous and automated monitoring of your organisation’s security posture. This service ensures that potential vulnerabilities are detected as soon as they occur and that the necessary measures can be taken quickly.

Continuous vulnerability scanning helps maintain security, minimise risk and ensure that your information systems are continuously protected.

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